Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Free Software Automotive stack(s) that run on available hardware

with a demo on the Raspberry Pi 2

There are now two major organizations developing automotive FOSS software and a third may be contributing as well. This means there is lots of automotive software available and now its able to run on cheap, available hardware like the Raspberry Pi.

This talk will take us through the available FOSS software stacks that are available for automotive. This last year has produced a lot of working software from fiber-optic networking drivers in the Linux kernel, complete In-Vehicle Infotainment stacks, to a newly released Qt Automotive. There has also been a change in available hardware to run this software on, new boards like the Minnowboard Max, Renesas' Porter board, and even the Raspberry Pi 2. This talk will try and cover the entire software ecosystem and how it matches to hardware, how you can get involved today, and what the future holds.


Photo of Jeremiah C. Foster Jeremiah C. Foster