Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016



Implementation and policy checking on FFV1, Matroska, LPCM, and more

MediaConch is a project built upon MediaInfo that develops tools to test the conformance of audiovisual files to their associated specifications, to evaluate files against declared policies and to fix metadata in audiovisual files. MediaConch currently focuses on the formats of Matroska, FFV1, and LPCM as implemented by the audiovisual archiving community. Jérôme will present on the process and challenges in creating these tools, address the role of conformance in open media projects, and demonstrate the utility of the project and its components to other open media projects. Jérôme will also provide an update on the IETF working group focused on standardizing web video, including the FFV1 codec and Matroska wrapper.

MediaConch is an extensible, open source software project consisting of an implementation checker, policy checker, reporter, and fixer that targets preservation-level audiovisual files (specifically Matroska, LPCM and FFV1 for use in archives, providing detailed and batch-level conformance checking via an adaptable and flexible application program interface accessible by the command line, a graphical user interface, or a web-based shell. MediaConch is currently being developed by the MediaArea team, notable for the creation of open source media checker software, MediaInfo. Furthermore, the MediaArea team is dedicated to the further development of the standardization of the Matroska and FFV1 formats to ensure their longevity as a recommended digital preservation file format.


Jérôme Martinez