Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Code Orchestration

Dealing with the challenges of programming everything connected

When everything is connected we can question what programming approach is most suitable. Programming interconnected systems shows similarities to programming for multiple processors. However, programming for multiple processors is a challenging task. We propose and demonstrate an easy framework based on lessons learned from programming for IoT scenarios which shows potential for programming multiple processors as well.

Approaches to program concurrently require a thorough understanding of the computer. Not all people who program possess this. However, as processors are not getting faster, everybody will need to program concurrently eventually. One of the main challenges of programming for multiple processors is the fact that it is often approached from a sequential programming perspective. When dealing with IoT it is usual to send and receive messages thus this becomes the paradigm. This paradigm is one of interacting entities passing messages rather than parsing logic sequentially. Based on these hypothesis we have researched an easy framework to program for multiple processors as well as devices connected through the network. We have tested the proposed framework on a group of Creative Coders which showed it is regarded easier than classical programming.

The framework is based on the ZOCP protocol build upon ZeroMQ which was demonstrated last year.


Arnaud Loonstra