Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Mail2Voice Next - the future of an accessible email client

Mail2Voice is an accessible email client designed for illiterates and cognitive impaired people. After a long way, a first stable version was published in 2015. However, right after, we engaged discussions about the future of the client. How could we address the remaining flaws and propose a totally redesigned software? This talk will present answers and new questions we found for Mail2Voice Next.

Mail2Voice is a project with a simple idea in mind: how can I use emails when I'm not able to read nor to write? From this simple question the illiterates and cognitive impaired are confronted to, Laurent Claude decided to start the Mail2Voice project. It took a while before getting a stable version but it finally came in 2015 after years of development. Still, the results were not as high as expected so we started thinking about Mail2Voice Next. This project intends to drop the current code base entirely and start anew with a better approach, based on our experience. This talk will put in light the flaws of the current software and expose what we tried, failed and achieved to address these issues. We will also discuss about the remaining questions and the perspectives of Mail2Voice Next.


Matthieu Hazon