Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016



State of the art

The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure aims to deliver a cross-platform solution that can improve significantly the way we actually interact with computers and other devices such as smartphones, ATMs or any general public access devices. During this session, we will describe the state of the art of the GPII, what's in progress and future works.

As the outcome of the recently finished EU funded project Cloud4all, many pieces of the GPII have been built in order to demonstrate the concept of the GPII and how it would work in the future. As a result, we've integrated the GPII on both GNU/Linux and MS Windows platforms, and we have also created an infrastructure to perform a full layered adaptation of such platforms and in order to drastically decrease the time that people with disabilities can spend on configuring the system when they start using a new computer or interacting with a public device. During this session we will focus on describing: * How the GPII runs on different and supported platforms * How the GPII makes the auto-personalization of the system at different levels * How third-party ATs, software such as web browsers, cloud-based ATs or even web sites can make use of the auto-personalization features of the GPII * Current limitations * Ongoing work


Javier Hernández