Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016



The answer to EDA, the repair universe and everything

All about NPLN. What it is, what are the aims, what is the current status.

The first Electronic Design Automation (EDA) devroom in 2015 at FOSDEM has been a great success. Since then I had been working on NPLN, my personal pet project to help me and others collecting and computing the info we already have about OSHW Boards, Circuits, and their models (eg Spice, IBIS).

Actually, I had been digging in techniques from the eighties to find errors and compute hand-outs for repairing. And yes, I like Open Source.

So NPLN currently is a mixture of a webcrawler, of spicelib and edacore, and ramps it up to Artificial Intelligence.

I want to share my work since last FOSDEM with you, and I hope for your feedback and ideas, as well as spreading the word.