Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Enterprise desktop at home with FreeIPA and GNOME

Enterprise environment means a lot of integration to work together. Single sign-on, VPNs, access controls, boring user experience, multiple third-party applications which may not be playing well with each other. FreeIPA is a project providing an integrated and secure setup of complete free software stack that makes up a typical enterprise environment.

As remote work spreads wider, 'an enterprise' becomes a home environment as well: more applications are moved to cloud hosting, both on premises and at third parties' clouds, and more people have to balance their home and work identities and data at the same time. This talk will explain our work together with GNOME community to produce a desktop environment friendly to enterprise and how it makes our home environments more secure without compromising on usability.


Photo of Alexander Bokovoy Alexander Bokovoy