Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


The state of XMPP and instant messaging

The awakening

XMPP is coming back, and is here to stay! Through a large collection of analysis and interviews, as a Product Owner in different organisations, we can say now that XMPP is getting out of the tunnel.

We will review where we were, where we are, and where we are headed. This answers, the why, and what? This is also a wake up call for consciousness, and product/market fit. This answers the why, and who?

You can view XMPP and Instant Messaging from different angles: * If you observe the market since the the 90s, you will see the three generations of Instant Messaging: * The first generation: ICQ and its clones * The second generation: WhatsApp and its clones * The third generation: Slack and its clones => this is just the beginning * If you use the Gartner Group's "Hype Cycle": * XMPP has passed the the "Peak of inflacted expectations", and is now in the "Trough of dillusionment" (read the "XMPP myths" thread on Hacker News) * So expect a "Slope of enlightenment" and a "Plateau of productivity". * If you consider the communities (including commercial entities): * Some have lived and died, some wake up, some just minimalistically maintain their software and infra... * There is wave of cleanup of dead things, and a wave to help the XSF


Photo of Nÿco Vérité Nÿco Vérité