Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Accessing Web Services from IoT Devices

The vast majority of devices in IoT space are constrained devices. A lot recent developments and standard initiatives have addressed connectivity solutions for constrained devices by introducing protocols such as CoAP and MQTT. With connectivity in place, the next challenge is how these devices can make use of the existing Web services. This talk introduces the web service interface (WSI) layer in IoTivity framework to address this challenge. A demo on how IoT devices can seamlessly access cloud Services with the helps of WSI in IoTivity stack will be given.

Web services have been one of the latest technological changes that are revolutionizing the world of business and our everyday lives. With the huge expanding of Things in the IoT world, the vision of accessing web services is not only for smart device any more. The existences of trillions of constraied devices brings great challenges and possibly opportunities of seamless interoperability with existing web services.

In this talk we will discuss the technical challenges from various aspects. A general review of existing solutions in industry and proposals/initiatives in research and standard will be given. To introduce the appoach used in IoTivity, we first give a detailed background introduction on IoTivity framework. Based on this we will discuss that with some of the most compelling applications in the IoT space involve rich and differentiated interactions between people and devices, a interface layer is required to provide features to help web service developers to introduce and tailor their service to the IoT context. This talk is supported by a demo on how IoT devices can seamlessly access cloud Services with the helps of web service interface layer in IoTivity stack.


Ziran Sun