Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


MySQL operations in Docker

A quick guide for the uninitiated

Docker and MySQL are two mainstream technologies that are reshaping the IT environment and the web economy. While using MySQL is reasonably straightforward, using it in Docker may prove challenging. This talk will show the main points of Docker operations with plenty of easy-to-follow examples, including MySQL in replication using containers.

Running database operations in containers is a slightly different proposition than running other services. MySQL, being designed - as the majority of services - for running in a dedicated host, needs some adjusting to fit in a container. Thanks to its configurability, we can deploy many MySQL containers to fit our purposes, with just the right amount of customization. However, customizing MySQL in Docker is not as easy as it would be when you have a full machine at your disposal. This talk will show examples of how to combine MySQL best practices with the ones that apply to containers. The net result will be the deployment of dozens of MySQL instances with little effort.


Photo of Giuseppe Maxia Giuseppe Maxia