Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Security in IoT; more a cultural chock than a technical challenge

How to create secured IoT device without increasing developement complexity

One of the key objection raised on IoT is security. Adding security to IoT present two challenges faces: - the delivery of a secured but flexible small embedded OS - the availability of a development environment which enable non security programmer experts to create a safe product.

IoT is often perceived as a glorified embedded challenge. While this is technically partially correct, the market vision of delivering >50 Billion devices by 2020 is not compatible with the current small poll of available embedded developers. The presentation will present solutions which are available in the Open Source and can be used to create an IoT OS and framework which can provide a reasonable security and privacy protection while opening the domain to non expert programmers.

We will address the following issues : - secured boot on standard Open Source HW. - Code and data Integrity - Secured upgrade - Middleware and Application containment. - Developer environment.


Photo of Dominig ar Foll Dominig ar Foll