Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


How we built a decentralized blogging engine with XMPP

For the Libervia project, we have developed a blogging/microblogging engine based on XMPP and PubSub. This talk explains how we have done, what we can do, and the gain of using XMPP

Blogging technologies are most of time based on centralized website with e-mail validated comments.

XMPP is a set of various technologies, and one of them is “Publish/Subscribe”. We have used this extension and other ones to build a decentralized blogging/microblogging engine.

Using XMPP has many benefits, that will be explained in this talk: - using a standard allow us to communicate with other project (Movim, Live Jabber, Jappix, etc) - comments are using the strong XMPP authentication, no need for email validation - because of this authentication, spamming is more difficult - we can change the software rendering the blog easily - comments/articles are pushed in real-time - articles or comments can be easily linked - third party software manipulation is easy

I'll also explain how some features are managed like tags, private blogging, search, etc.


Jérôme Poisson (Goffi)