Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Introducing new SQL syntax and improving performance with preparse Query Rewrite Plugins

Do you miss SQL commands which MySQL does not support? Do you want it to have missed SQL standard features or intruduce new fancy command? Maybe contribute fix to "Does not make Toast"? Or just replace badly written query with more efficient? With pre-parse Query Rewrite Plugings you can do most of these.

In this session I will demonstrate how to create, install and use Query Rewrite plugins. We will introduce completely new SQL command and let MySQL execute it.

At the end of September 2014, just before Oracle Open World conference, one of MySQL Labs releases presented a new killer feature for MySQL 5.7: Query Rewrite Plugins for optimizer! This is a long waited way for MySQL to both preprocess/modify query on the fly without any middle-tire software like MySQL Proxy (that can easily become a bottleneck or single point of failure) and force proper execution plan, without any change in application code. We can get functionality similar to stored outlines of Oracle RDBMS and more, as MySQL provides APIs for both literal query rewrite before parsing and for accessing/modifying query tree after parsing. During this session I will identify most important real life use cases for query rewrites, explore the features of Rewriter plugin originally created by Oracle engineers for their Lab release and provide some details about APIs and writing your own custom plugins.

Now Query Rewrite Plugins are part of current MySQL GA version 5.7. This means this is the time to actively explore them and use.


Photo of Sveta Smirnova Sveta Smirnova