Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Build an IoT platform on Matrix

How to defragment your IoT vendor silos and securely decentralise your data via Matrix.

In this session we will focus on gathering, processing & visualising data from various IoT and human sources, reviewing the various technologies available to unify the data whilst providing a deep dive into the decentralised data ecosystem.

After an introduction to the problem space and available solutions, we will focus on introducing Matrix's architecture and its open source, Apache-licensed reference client and server implementations.

This session will show how to actually build an entirely open and dentralised IoT platform using open source software. Together we will start from scratch, check-out the code and first get a Matrix webclient running. We will use this as a dashboard to collate and visualise data from a variety of connected devices and services, federated together in an open ecosystem via Matrix. We will then add services on top to further aggregate, process and route the data.

We will also discuss exactly how you could extend the platform for advanced features and for your own specific needs. We will look at some examples (wearable computing, drone control/telemetry/video, robotics) that we and the community have implemented during various hackathons and projects - and show how IoT data may be bridged into non-IoT communication platforms such as IRC or Slack via Matrix.


Oddvar Lovaas
Photo of Matthew Hodgson Matthew Hodgson