Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Introducing game-data-packager

A data-driven, cross-distro installer for commercial game assets.

game-data-packager is a tool that automate the creation of .deb or .rpm packages for local consumption from commercial games assets.

Handling of non-free non-redistributable data like shareware games assets are commonly handled by fragile shell scripts that involve wget, unzip, md5sum provided by the different distributions.

game-data-packager provides a way to share these unofficial packaging efforts in a central location; only a tiny part of this tool is distro-specific and is handled in a nice OO-model.

GDP has builtin support for the Steam & online sellers and will also apply the patches needed by your games.

GDP would also fill a common need of upstream game engines providers that either have to document all the needed files: (like ... or have to provide their own installer.


Alexandre Detiste