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09:00 The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Sunday)
10:00 All the World's a Stage and FOSS is playing many parts Seamless Kernel Update Introduction to the Ada DevRoom Welcome to the BSD devroom Boot2container: An initramfs for reproducible infrastructures Interoperability in the Continuous Delivery space with CDEvents Declarative and Minimalistic Computing Unify your distributions Testing Macromedia director in ScummVM Fundamentals Of Diversity & Inclusion For Technologists LVGL: A versatile UI toolkit for MCU & CPU HPC for Social & Crime Science Kotlin DevRoom Welcoming Remarks corundum LibreOffice 7.3 New Features The Matrix State of the Union Monitoring and Observability devroom: Opening Flame Graphs for MySQL DBAs Solving the knapsack problem with recursive queries and PostgreSQL Get to know Apache Kafka with Jupyter Notebooks Devroom introduction Migrate to Ceph-CSI Peergos - Combining peer-to-peer connectivity, end-to-end encryption and fine grained access control to build a secure and privacy focused self-certifying web protocol KDE News
  Package URL and Version range spec
  The State of Kotlin Adopting OpenTelemetry and its collector
10:15 Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers The manifold joys of metaprogramming Running Mainline Linux on Snapdragon 410 Welcome to the Public Code devroom
  Firmware updates for OPNsense and pfSense with fwupd/LVFS How OSPOs can help secure the software supply chain
10:30 All's well that tests well Introducing a new JS+WebGL map library SCIP: scalable cytometry image processing using Dask in a high performance computing environment Coriolis RTL-to-GDSII Toolchain Improving Developer Experience at LibreOffice The next generation of Matrix interfaces The relational model in the modern development age Joint open source development in cross-border context Introducing Asynchronous SQLAlchemy Introducing Garage, a new storage platform for self-hosted geo-distributed clusters Āhau: Māori Identity & Data Sovereignty Plasma 5.24 tour
  Debugging in containers How to improve the developer experience in Heptapod/GitLab
  OpenJFX: An Update on Java on the Client Advanced multi-platform dependency injection with Kotlin Developing an open source license compliance project : our trials, tribulations and achievements
10:45 A year of RISC-V adventures: embracing chaos in your software journey Z80: the last secrets
  Opsdroid Bootstrapping a multi dc cloud native observability stack
11:00 The Business Of Open Source secPaver: Security Policy Development Tool Decentralized DevOps with Unfurl Modding the Immutable – how to extend Flatcar, an immutable image-based OS Portable Parens: Graphical Lisp programs for mobile devices Distributed Join Algorithms in CrateDB Towards an Operational Code Aesthetics ProxySQL Cluster: challenges and solutions to synchronizeconfigurationacross multiple decentralized cluster nodes JSON in PostgreSQL - Learning with a case study Developers Italia, four years later Handling Concurrency in Web Application How to manage OSS license obligations and SBoM by SW360's new features Data Replication and Migration from Ceph RGW to Cloud WASM for dummies
  Devfile file format The beauty of Kotlin typing system Events for the Uninitiated
11:15 How to design powerful DSLs for users
  Ada Looks Good, Now Program a Game Without Knowing Anything AI Pathfinding In FXGL Game Engine Explore OSM data with ARLAS Bring openwifi to PYNQ-Z1 with ultra low cost Panel 1: Processing Dependencies and Compositions and Software
11:30 Securing and Hardening a container host CANCELLED Debugging Strategies for Emulator Developers Multidimensional Bloom Filters Curl based HTTP/WebDAV UCP Introduction to Continuous Profiling using Pyroscope Percona XtraDB Cluster(PXC) Non blocking operations, what you need to know to avoid pitfalls Sleep better with type-safe Python COSI : a brief update AquaVM: Empowering distributed systems with Fluence
  Distributed Storage in the Cloud Git Credentials binding for sh, bat, and powershell Lessons from the Danish OS2
  Code-first process modeling and analysis with kalasim Making /sync go fast
11:45 The Ada Numerics Model Declare All Your Needs
  Writing GTKWave documents, with style
12:00 European digital sovereignty and open source Why safe programming matters and why Rust CICD using jenkins and Nomad PlayStation 3 Emulation From Android to mainline on the Snapdragon 845 Update On Java On The Raspberry Pi Open Geodata Digital Spaces The status of turnip driver development. Utilizing AMD GPUs: Tuning, programming models, and roadmap Editing Simulation MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet How to create (lots!) of sample time-series data with PostgreSQL generate_series() Break xHumanity and Web3 Live coding session with Tokodon
  Extending Kubernetes with WebAssembly Kotlin + Maths nMigen HDL The matrix-rust-sdk
12:15 GNU Guix behind the scene JavaScript welcome session - day #2
  2022 Alire Update PublicCode.yml - index all public software! Scanning for known vulnerabilities in an embedded distribution
  Freedom Means That Kubernetes Needs To Disappear
12:30 How The Distro Needs Change to Help FOSS on Embedded Linux Fast, robust predicates for geometric algorithms React Improved coverage analysis for LibreOffice's CI Future Postgres Challenges Commoditizing P2P development
  Designing a programming language for the desert Benefits Of MQTT For IoT Apps And Beyond Kotlin, CLIs and StarWars! Reporting vulnerabilities within a complex software environment
12:45 Leveraging Windows Containers in Your Kubernetes-Native CI/CD Pipelines
  We listed +9000 public code repositories. Now what?
13:00 The distinctive qualities of Software Bill of Materials Open source to IRL whale card game (python/Golang/WebGL) Harbor - The Container Registry Eclipse Amlen: Messaging for IoT/Web/Mobile Linux Mobile vs. The Social Dilemma Welcome to the Free Software Radio Devroom v3dv: Status Update for Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4 Writing less insecure JavaScript LibreOfficeKit recent developments Monitoring Kafka without instrumentation using eBPF MySQL on Kubernetes demystified Network Traffic Classification for Cybersecurity and Monitoring PostgreSQL Distributed & Secure Database Ecosystem Building Messing with unicode Commoditising Open Source Risk Management
  From tinyscheme to tr7 Earthstar
  Opensource WiFi chip (openwifi) progress and future plan KSP and Plugins. Optimizing Kotlin Multiplatform common code Building an MMO browser game on Matrix How do we design open source communities to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive?
13:15 Use (and Abuse?) of Ada 2022 Features in Designing a JSON-like Data Structure A Better Public Transport App ChatStat - An R package for Matrix stats
  NetOTA - repository protocol for embedded systems Jakarta EE: Present & Future Cinny Panel 2: Dependencies for Vulnerability Discovery and Tracking
  Collaborative Apps over Matrix using the Collabs Library Beware of culture
13:30 Establishing an incentivised partners programme in an open source project Eclipse Oniro: A production OS Oniro Blueprints for IoT devices LibreOffice GTK4 Port Create a DIY photoframe using matrix MySQL Operator for Kubernetes Why rule-based monitoring is (still) great Automatically refresh materialized views in PostgreSQL Edges Are Infrastructure: IPFS Everywhere for a More Resilient Future
  How I learned to stop worrying and love Flatcar’s auto-update Massive Unikernel Matrices with Unikraft, Concourse and More Fuzion Language Update Custom Stickers and Emotes in Matrix!
  Rapid Prototyping of a Positioning System Implementing a GNU Radio/LiteX accelerator using a FPGA-based PCIe co-processor Spatial query of coordinate reference systems and its integration with GRASS GIS DataClassGenerate. Shrinking Kotlin data classes Decentralized Collaborative Annotations using Matrix Periskop: Exception Monitoring at Scale
13:45 Getting Started with AdaWebPack Efabless Open ASICs FluffyChat
  ModemManager in your phone Matrix for Command and Control Information Systems
  Matrix for Worker Power Decidim
14:00 Trousseau - the Kubernetes Key Management Service provider Car Whispering: the AI Mechanic Masking known issues across six kernel CI systems Astarte: from data collection to fleet management Fuzzing, or How I Generated 1,000,000 New Processor Test Cases in an Afternoon Emitting Hellschreiber from a Raspberry Pi GPIO: combining gr-hellschreiber with gr-rpitx Deep Learning for Java Developers Somebody set up us the bomb Online performance Peer-to-peer hole punching without centralized infrastructure Working effectively with (-support-) the community Lunch Break The Quark Browser
  Adventures in Dataflow
  Overview of Ada GUI A cloud native Kubernetes Global Balancer Mocking without reflection for Kotlin/Multiplatform Ansible + Matrix: Through The Looking Glass
14:15 Build and release tools tailored to building, releasing and maintaining Linux distributions and forks
  Oniro project, the new IoT platform from Eclipse Foundation Profiling in the cloud-native era Keep appetite for the stats, it costs nothing Generating SBOM for your code using OSS Review Toolkit Upstreaming the FreeBSD Port
14:30 Celebrating failure or success? Why not both? SquirrelJME, Java Flip Phone Emulation gr-ofdmradar: OFDM Radar in GNU Radio Shedding Light on the Shadow DOM Using LibreSilicon LOWA - LibreOffice WebAssembly Newest MySQL component services features SPyQL - SQL with Python in the middle Swarm, what's in it for me?
  Multi-master scaling for MariaDB Buildbot Knowledge Management Through Minimal Syntaxes
  Manage workloads on disconnected far edge Faster Apache Maven Builds From Mobile to Backend with Kotlin and Ktor All things with moderation Faster memory reclamation with DPDK RCU SBOM Resolver - Generating detailed SBOMs for Alpine
14:45 SPARKNaCl: A Verified, Fast Re-implementation of TweetNaCl P2P Container Image Distribution on IPFS With Containerd and Nerdctl Welcome to Libadwaita
  Bluetooth beyond Digital Contact Tracing
15:00 Debunking The Myths About The Raku® Language What I wish I knew about security when I started programming A lightning intro to re-Isearch OpenTelemetry and CI/CD CentOS Stream: stable and continuous Running an OpenThread Mesh Network with Linux and Zephyr Voyager 1 adventures Fun with border colors in Vulkan Exascale PMI on a heterogeneous sub-exascale Slurm cluster Building a tiny JavaScript runtime with QuickJS Building Collabora Online UI based on the LibreOffice components BGP/OSPF with VPP at >100Mpps Exploring Linux Memory Usage and IO Performance for Cloud Native Databases FASTEN: Fine-Grained Analysis of Software Ecosystems as Networks State of libp2p
  Lisp, but Beautiful; Lisp for Everyone
  Redpak: Ultra light weight container for embedded systems Navigating between Composables Growing Pinecones for P2P Matrix
15:15 MySQL 8.0: Logical Backups, Snapshots and PITR like a rockstar
  luox Modern Web Apps, 100% Java: Building Web Apps With Vaadin Panel 3: Creating SBOMs Enable AVX-512 instructions in Valgrind
15:30 How Implicit Bias Affects Diversity and Inclusion in Open Source. Towards UN R155 compliance with open source stack Static and Dynamic Analysis for Automatic Emulator Configuration Anatomy of GNOME Calls GR 3.10 Porting Signal processing algorithms to CuPy for precision measurement From microrepos to monorepo: thrilling adventures in refactoring Collabora Online on kubernetes Predictable Network Traffic in Kubernetes AlekSIS, the Free School Information System Hyper Hyper Space: In-browser p2p applications
  Solutions for running MySQL in Kubernetes Porion a new Build Manager
  aretext: minimalist text editor with vim-compatible key bindings Not only Python: Kotlin for scripts Self-sovereign end-to-end encrypted file storage on Matrix Unikraft Performance Monitoring with Prometheus
15:45 Spritely Goblins comes to Guile DOs and DON'Ts when building a Yocto based distribution
  The Outsider's Guide to Ada Valgrind and debuginfo
  Why your backup strategy is wrong?
16:00 Secure Communication with Tls Why Embedded Linux Needs a Container Manager Written in C Phosh Contributors Get Together Introducing the M17 Project Polyglot Cloud Native Debugger: Going Beyond APM Optimal buffer allocation on Wayland PIRA: Performance Instrumentation Refinement Automation Web Application Localization Without Tears Collabora Online: Async-Saving Design and Testing Contour - Kubernetes Ingress Controller and much more 101 Slow things down to make them go faster Mimics - Records operations to replay them later Collabortive group self-awareness with Where, a Holochain app
  Userland TCP/IP stack for external container connectivity P2P SDR to GPU Streaming with Julia and LiteX Gradle: a deeper look at the Kotlin DSL Mission: threading for all Efficient MySQL Performance
16:15 Are we being inclusive with our community recognitions? Chimera Linux
  What More Can I Learn From My OpenTelemetry Traces? On Backporting Practices in Package Dependency Networks
  Proving the Correctness of GNAT Light Runtime Library Concise Common Workflow Language
16:30 Over-the-air (OTA) software updates with NVIDIA Jetson A Venix/86 emulator Closing session WOODS Symbols Symbols everywhere Things you can test in a UITest Kubernetes networking : is there a cheetah within your Calico? Implementing and managing feature flags Valgrind on RISC-V Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers with DIDKit
  What made your container fat? Using Kubernetes API To Manage Everything
  Releasing Fast, Easy, and Consistently Live-coding a web server with Ktor Beyond the Matrix: Extend the capabilities of your Synapse homeserver EducaMadrid, the Free and Educational Technology Platform of Madrid Operationalize SBOM with OWASP Dependency-Track
  An easy and elegant way to manage and build your notebook images
17:00 Enabling Next Gen of Diverse Maintainers and Employees Through Mentorship Sudo Unifying Infrastructure and Application Delivery Using Keptn A Relational Exploration of McCarthy's 'Amb' Collaboration instead of Competition Bringing together open source scientific software development for HPC and beginners micro-lc: a new micro-frontend orchestrator Macro Dialog feature MySQL Performance on Modern CPU: Intel vs AMD vs ARM Challenges and Opportunities in Performance Benchmarking of Service Mesh for the Edge Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features CubicWeb: bootstraping a web-application from RDF data Tracking Software Dependencies Adding Power ISA 3.1 instruction support to Valgrind Building Interoperable Applications with Solid in 2022
  Implementing a Build Manager in Ada Open Source Policy
  Refactoring Gilded Rose Kata MLS meets Matrix
17:15 From Singularity to Apptainer FEX-Emu: Fast(-er) x86 emulation for AArch64
  An Infallible Process to Fix Production Java Apps News from the ODF Toolkit Panel 4: Software Compositions and Dependency Tools
17:30 Exporting Ada Software to Python and Julia Open source tooling in High-Energy Physics Software Release Note Highlights from 2021 2-cluster Kubernetes, with Calico, BGP Interconnect and WireGuard... All Without Leaving Your Laptop! Closing of the Public Code devroom 20 years of Valgrind How to build a free and open cloud
  Why everyone needs to know some coding: last-mile sandboxing Native Group VoIP and Metaverse on Matrix
  Closing of the Ada DevRoom
18:00 Closing FOSDEM 2022