Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Lessons from the Danish OS2

Maturing governance

A strong organization is an important part of governing a public code base. The association OS2 scores their IT-solutions after a governance model divided into three levels, which shows the maturing of the code and the organization surrounding it. This talk will cover lessons learned and why scoring is not enough.

The Danish OS2 – Public Digitization Network is an association with 78 public organizations as members. OS2 is not a developing house, not code stewards, rather the association supports development and maintenance of open source IT-solutions through collaboration between public entities and private IT-companies. Solutions are developed as open source and made publicly available. OS2 maintain a governance model which all solutions must comply. In this talk by Rasmus Frey, the head of the main secretariat in OS2, will describe the organization and explain some elements of when it goes well or wrong in governing a public codebase and its life in the public sector.


Photo of Rasmus Frey Rasmus Frey