Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Leveraging Windows Containers in Your Kubernetes-Native CI/CD Pipelines

How can you leverage Kubernetes-native CI/CD solutions for your Windows applications? What's needed to create Windows container images in your pipelines? This hands-on talk will get developers and operators started with Windows container support of Argo Workflows and Tekton. You will learn how you can use these solutions to build and test your Windows applications and create Windows container images for them. All work presented will be shared with you.

Windows applications make up a large portion of the services running in many enterprises. Thanks to Windows containers and the work of SIG-Windows, you can manage and orchestrate them on Kubernetes, similar to Linux-based containers.

If you are developing Windows applications, you may want to use Kubernetes-native CI/CD solutions to build, test and package your application as you do with your Linux applications. To enable such scenarios, Argo Workflows and Tekton recently added support for Windows containers.


Photo of Markus Lippert Markus Lippert