Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


An easy and elegant way to manage and build your notebook images

Crane is a minimalist open-source image builder, and aims to provide a dead-simple image building experience for your notebook with a beautiful user interface, which could work with your existing ML pipeline and increase productivity for data scientists.

Instead of building an end-to-end solution for MLOps, Crane focuses on one piece of the puzzle and provides a friendly solution to a problem we encountered daily. Building a container, dealing with registries, and keeping track of what you’ve already built, are tedious tasks, but they’re things you need to do often. Let’s build a tool for it and save time for data scientists, then they can focus on the real problems to solve.

When it comes to building a container image, there are lots of gaps to fill. In this talk, we’re going to share why we build Crane, how could it help data scientists, why we choose to build Crane with the community, and what’s the possibilities Crane has to boost productivity for data scientists.


Photo of Kuan Lin Huang Kuan Lin Huang