Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Debugging in containers

Using containers to facilitate debugging by end users

A user reports a bug. Its hardware/kernel/data specific. Is it fixed already? How do we get a debug container to the user to use and get meaningful results back?

MariaDB did this with as the continuously released, in progress latest version of release series. Preview features are also provided here.

Also created are containers that include debuginfo packages. The mariadb-debug containers needed to include a range of tools and instructions to make it easy for the users and the developers to bridge their divide for an enhanced bug fixing process.

Containers can also be used to transport a userspace workload to kernel developers to assist improving/fixing kernel features.

For users wanting to help with bug reporting, or for other communities wanting to replicate the concept, a number of really simple things can help this process along significantly.


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