Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Beware of culture

– what to do as a community manager?

Facilitating a sense of belonging across different cultures in the Danish public sector. A community manager’s point of view.

We have many active communities in the Danish open source network OS2. As the communication and community manager, it is on me to facilitate a welcoming and introcluding atmosphere between the members and the network. My methods are primarily focused on written text, storytelling, and case stories. But not one strategy will work on everybody. The 'cultures' I will be referring to are the local cultures in the different IT-departments in the public sector. All the open source products OS2 governs should ideally allow for any person to come with ideas - regardless of the local culture of procuring and reusing software.

This talk will not be technical but rather point to the "soft" element of governing an public open source product.


Photo of Charlotte Heikendorf Charlotte Heikendorf