Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


xHumanity and Web3

xHumanity - reputation, reduction of fake news, and privacy

xHumanity is a project that started from the idea of identifying the future of digital identities. This concern resonated all over the globe. We thus gathered an international team. Our concern is based on the increased impact social media has on our lives, but also the context of the amplification of disinformation actions. We aim to run a foundation focused on providing our audience with a digital platform based on three pillars, which are reputation, reduction of fake news, and privacy. We aim to empower customers by providing them with a better way of living.

Reputation Blockchain technology could help all parties involved in any types of transactions. But not alone. To construct a secure and trustable transaction we need to start with valid data. This data in our case will be provided through reputation protocol. Everyone's reputation passport will reduce friction between parties.

Privacy xHumanity enables decentralized identities: self-managed identities hold that individuals should have control over their own personal data and determine how it is shared with others. End-to-end encrypted communication: the difference between xHumanity and the current messaging app landscape is that xHumanity does not require users’ phone numbers to provide access to its services and features.

Reduction of fake news One of our main goals is to reduce and eliminate fake news from the internet space through a few principles from the gaming theory. Peoples’ involvement in the game is essential, as they are the main actors in creating new social rules.


Photo of Cosmin Vranceanu Cosmin Vranceanu