Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Knowledge Management Through Minimal Syntaxes

Appreciating How Terse Syntaxes Are Capable of Being Combined In Unexpected Ways

Presentation of the main components behind gLean - a knowledge-management application which treats problem-domains as a collection of blocks. gLeans USP is in choosing terse components which syntactically do not impede each-other - permitting collections of block to be parsed and interpreted with minimal concerns for complexity. The hope is that gLean will be able to provide YahooPipes style functionality through combining blocks of references; content; annotations; and parsing-logic.

The following areas are covered:

  • The talk extols the virtue of the individual components (Gemini protocol's GemText; Emacs-Hyperbole's Kotl; the parser and Lisp, TXR; Jonathan McHugh's Qiuy (a 'Recursive Modelling Language')) as exemplary specialist utilities.

  • Examples for how Kotl format and GemText markdown can interoperate (to for instance turning a file into representative Kotl blocks; or export Kotl blocks into GemText)

  • The beautiful/unholy ability for TXR to read a 'raw' GemText file containing TXR syntax and for a 'compiled' GemText file to emerge (given this unintended behaviour requires no additional coding and was not designed I consider this particularly special)

  • The use of annotations leading blocks to provide logical structures for how a document or a collection of documents should be treated

The attached slide of the talk is a Gemini compatible rendition.

Infact the recording is made within Emacs, rather than a Gemini compatible browser.

If a user has Emacs-Hyperbole installed seek areas featuring the lisp reference that starts with: <highlight-rexexp ...

With the cursor on highlight press the ACTION key (usually the modifier (ALT) and the return button simultaneously).

This should enact the relevant colourscheme that was used for the official presentation.

Multiple such buttons are positioned throughout the document.



Jonathan McHugh