Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Contour - Kubernetes Ingress Controller and much more 101

Introduction to Contour and Contour community!

Contour is an open source Kubernetes Ingress controller providing the Control Plane for the Envoy Edge and Service proxy. Contour supports dynamic configuration updates and multi-team Ingress delegation out of the box while maintaining a lightweight profile. Contour is currently CNCF Incubating project!

In this talk:

We will do a Contour 101 intro, do a short demo of some of the deployment methods for Contour inside a Kubernetes cluster, demonstrate some of Contour's main features, and highlight the benefits Contour can bring to your setup. Along the way, we will walk though Contour's architecture we will also touch base on the Contour community, including how the community works and why we think you will want to join us!

Come and joins us!

Orlin Vasilev aka Orlin - Community Manager for Contour - past life: +15 years of SysAdmin/Infra Engineer/Cloud Engineer/DevOps/SRE


Photo of Orlin Vasilev Orlin Vasilev