Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


The Outsider's Guide to Ada

Lessons from Learning Ada in 2021

Ada can be difficult to approach due to using a different vernacular to most other languages, and also having many unfamiliar structures and ways of doing things.

This is an overview of the Ada language by someone who is new to the language, for programmers from other languages, kept as neutral and objective as possible. See how syntax falls into four categories and the language allows you to opt into features. Learn how Ada fits together at a high level, with an emphasis on the ways Ada differs, using code samples from open source Ada projects.

About a year ago, I still thought Ada looked like COBOL. Since then, I've spent a long time trying to understand the language as a whole, since it's different from many others that I've used. This talk isn't to sell you on the language, but instead to provide a general overview of how the language works.

This will complement Jean-Pierre Rosen's "Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers" talk. If you haven't watched his talk yet, I recommend you do so after this one. If you have watched his talk, this should provide a different perspective to help you understand Ada better.


Photo of Paul Jarrett Paul Jarrett