Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Hyper Hyper Space: In-browser p2p applications

A quick tour on using the browser as a p2p node

A quick tour on using Hyper Hyper Space datatypes to create fully distributed structures for collaborative applications.

We'll start with a simple last-writer-wins JSON object, to complex structures like a moderated chat room and a simple ledger.

Then we'll open them inside a web browser, using plain javascript, and show how the web can be used as a platform for truly peer-to-peer applications.

The Hyper Hyper Space library offers two things:

  • A data modeling language, that presents building blocks to create and compose CRDT-like operational datatypes, that are backed by a Merkle-DAG.

  • A synchronization protocol for Hyper Hyper Space datatypes, with an implementation that works both in-browser (through WebRTC & IndexedDB) and NodeJS.

In this talk we'll focus on how to use the modeling language, and see in practice how to use the created objects inside a web browser using JavaScript.


Santiago Bazerque