Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


An Infallible Process to Fix Production Java Apps

Your production Java application stops working. An angry customer is waiting for a fix. Your boss is on the line asking what's going on...

We have all been there. In such situations solving problems quickly makes you trusted and shows your maturity as a developer. That's what being a senior developer looks like.

This presentation will guide you through a little-known infallible process used by the top Java experts that can get you out of very hard situations! Troubleshoot any problem in your Java applications by using free and open-source tools available in the JDK -- jps, jinfo, jmap, jstack, jcmd, jhsdb, and jdb.

Be the go-to person in your team to solve hard problems! Understand the common problems professional Java developers face and how to diagnose and solve them quickly.


Photo of Vipin Sharma Vipin Sharma