Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Astarte: from data collection to fleet management

How Astarte evolved from a broker plugin to an IoT ecosystem

Astarte is an Open Source IoT framework focused on data management and processing. The talk will illustrate its concepts, its architecture and it will present a fleet management system developed on top of it.

By providing all the building blocks needed for an IoT project, the Astarte platform has quickly become a turnkey solution able to provide IoT and AI services while also allowing to save time and avoiding reinventing the wheel for any given new IoT usecase. Its features enabled Astarte to grow into a larger ecosystem, providing integrations with a wider community such as Eclipse Oniro. The Edgehog device manager is the latest addition to this ecosystem: it's a multitenant device manager, built on top of Astarte. After an introduction on Astarte, the talk will showcase how the platform can be used to provide all the operations expected from a modern device manager, like OTA updates, geolocation, etc. The talk will end sharing further info about the integration with Eclipse Oniro and its roadmap.


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