Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Open Source Policy

Creating value beyond code

In this lighting talk we want to talk about the potential of open source not only for code, but also for policy documents.

One of the pillars to promote open government at any level of government is that there should exist an open data policy. However, in the Mexican context, although one already exists at the federal level, very few states and municipalities have open data policies. This is partly due to the lack of knowledge and culture about open government, especially at the municipal level.

From Codeando México we work to promote citizen participation and open government, and we have carried out several exercises to co-create open data policies with the three levels of government: federal, state and municipal.

With this experience, we saw the need for the creation of an open data policy with a free use license. This policy, a work in progress, will be hosted in an open repository, will allow any level of government that wants to have an open data policy to adopt it and adapt it to their needs in a short time.

This project is nourished not only by the experience of Mexican civil society of the last 10 years but also, being an open source project, it will be in continuous evolution and improvement with the contributions of governments, civil society and any interested citizen.


Photo of Ricardo Mirón Ricardo Mirón