Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Introducing Garage, a new storage platform for self-hosted geo-distributed clusters

Garage is a new storage system for building geo-distributed storage clusters. Garage is developped by Deuxfleurs, an experimental self-hosting collective.

Garage targets primarily home-grown clusters composed of second-hand commodity hardware, spread over multiple physical locations for redundancy. This deployment scenario implies strong constraints on the software, such as having to deal with slow nodes and high latency between nodes. In a fist part of this talk, we will show how Garage's design enables it to function very well in this scenario, contrarily to other solutions we have tested such as Minio or Glusterfs.

Garage is focused on implementing the Amazon S3 protocol, a de-facto standard that makes it directly usable as a storage backend for many web applications (such as Nextcloud) or as a backup target. A second part of this talk will be focused on showing how Garage integrates with Deuxfleurs' current self-hosting stack, and how it can be easily configured with a variety of applications.


Alex Auvolat