Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


A year of RISC-V adventures: embracing chaos in your software journey

How I started from zero and ended up porting a JIT compilation library and assembling files by hand

In this presentation I share my 1-year journey with RISC-V and how I started from nearly zero and I ended up porting Guile's JIT library to RISC-V and starting the RISC-V port of Stage0. This journey is full of uncertainties and chaos but that's what finally made this happen. During this talk we'll discuss how embracing chaos can lead to great change and how we can become the source of positive chaos in people around us.

This talk is not fully technical but many technical aspects are discussed as they are fundamental in the journey: instruction sets, assembly, debuggers, hexadecimal... and all sorts of low level wizardry will be mentioned and explained. I'll try to make my best to make all of it accessible to anyone with no previous knowledge about them, though.


Ekaitz Zarraga