Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Debunking The Myths About The Raku® Language

Let's talk about some common misconceptions about the Raku language and why it is not Perl6 anymore

The Raku language, formerly known as Perl6, sometimes gets incorrect coverage when it comes to "expert opinions". In this talk we will consider the common misconceptions about the language, what's wrong about them, and why your impression about the language might be wrong. Let's see how we can make it much better!

Developers are mostly busy people. Such resource as "spare time" is scarce among them and must be used wisely. When there is no time to research a topic on our own, we trust others to do it for us and express their opinion, which we tend to accept. But, unfortunately, for many reasons those opinions may not represent the real state of the things. When it comes to Raku, some still consider it based on factors, which are no longer valid, or which influence the language in an anticipated way. This talk in intended to provide you with real information about the Raku language, its strong and, perhaps, weak sides. Bight first of all, this talk is about letting you to build up your own view at the language.


Photo of Vadim Belman Vadim Belman