Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Running an OpenThread Mesh Network with Linux and Zephyr

Transparent IoT Gatway Blueprint of the Oniro Project

The Thread protocol specifies a low-power IoT mesh network. It offers self-healing, low latency and IPv6 connectivity without a single point of failure. In addition to the lower layer mesh functionality it also offers mesh network management, as well as secure onboarding of headless devices.

OpenThread is an open source project implementing the Thread protocol and its components. The focus of this talk is to demonstrate a Linux based OpenThread border router and Zephyr based mesh nodes. Tight together by a Yocto based build system this talk shows all components you need to have an IPv6 enabled micro-processor on a low-power wireless link. The used power is small enough to allow operating a small sensor for months or years on a coin cell battery in such a scenario. All served by a Linux based border router to allow for internet access and end-to-end IPv6 connectivity.

All of the above is bundled together in an Eclipse Oniro Project blueprint for a transparent IoT gateway.


Photo of Stefan Schmidt Stefan Schmidt