Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Manage workloads on disconnected far edge

Edge Computing.

Edge devices deployed out in the field pose very different operational, environmental, and business challenges from those of cloud computing. These motivate different engineering trade-offs for Kubernetes at the far edge than for cloud or near-edge scenarios.

In this lightning talk we will introduce an open source project called microshift and demonstrate how microshift can run and manage workloads on disconnected far edge devices by making frugal use of system resources. We will demonstrate managing edge deployments that can tolerate severe networking constraints, update/rollback securely, safely, speedily, and seamlessly, esp without disrupting workloads, and build on and integrate cleanly with edge-optimized OSes like Fedora IoT. Microshift can be used as a development tool, we provide a MicroShift image that bundles host dependencies like CRI-O and useful tools like the kubectl client, so it can run on most modern Linux distros, on OSX, and on Windows.