Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Explore OSM data with ARLAS

Get instant geo-analytic view of billions OSM data entries

ARLAS Exploration is geo-analytic solution based on big-data technologies. It helps users who have big volumes of spatio-temporal data, to explore it through analytics and geo-analytics views.

In this devroom we will use ARLAS to explore OSM data with an Analytic perspective. We will go through the following steps: - Download and index OSM data in a search engine (Elasticsearch) and make it available to exploration by ARLAS stack - Configure ARLAS dashboards based on this data and create analytical and geo-analytical views

We will be able to answer questions such as: - How many buildings are in the downloaded dataset? And how are they distributed geographically ? - What are the different existing types of buildings? With what proportions ? - When this data has been created/edited and with what frequency ?

Gisaïa is a geospatial intelligence company based in France. Gisaïa developed ARLAS Exploration, and has built a robust geo-big data ecosystem to continuously update and run it. ARLAS Exploration is open-source and OGC compliant allowing users to integrate it with GIS platforms lending it to high interoperability. This promotes full access to all types of geospatial data.

ARLAS Exploration is a powerful geoanalytics platform that developers can build on and data scientists can deploy immediately to go into the depths of their geo-big data. With this devroom, Gisaïa will provide a future-centric geoanalytics tool for participants to easily conduct geo-big data analytics.

As an example, we will show how to use ARLAS with OSM data and get instantly Geo-analytic insights of it.


Mohamed Hamou