Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Enabling Next Gen of Diverse Maintainers and Employees Through Mentorship

Finding brilliant and diverse engineers, who could maintain complex open-source projects, lead communities and be productive employees is an extremely hard task these days. It’s easy for aspiring talents to feel lost, be ashamed and give up in the process due to the transparent aspect of work in open source. We believe we found a quite neat shortcut to this!

The solution is called “structured mentoring” and in this talk, Prem and Bartek, maintainers of CNCF projects, will explain why this is a game-changer, based on their experience mentoring 20+ talents for the Thanos and Prometheus projects.

There are many mentoring programs like LFX, GSoC or Outreachy but it is easy to make mistakes, get lost and have no results from mentoring if not done carefully.

Join us to learn what processes worked the best to get the most out of the open-source mentorship. Learn what mistakes to avoid, how to get mentored and how to start mentoring in your company or open source project today


Photo of Bartek Plotka Bartek Plotka
Photo of Prem Saraswat Prem Saraswat