Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Data Replication and Migration from Ceph RGW to Cloud

With seemingly insatiable demand for and growth of data within the organizations, secure and quick movement of the data often becomes a challenge in any Hybrid Cloud enviroment. The external tools and multi-cloud gateway providers add overhead to the latency and may not leverage full capabilities of On-Prem infrastructure. To overcome this, Ceph distributed storage, often handling petabytes of data, provides ways to move data directly from its OnPrem S3 RGW servers to multiple cloud providers, thus easing data movement.

In this session, we will briefly discuss about the CloudSync and CloudTransition features in Ceph RadosGateway (RGW) which can be used to replicate and migrate data to any external cloud providers.

We will also look into how to configure and enable these features, their current limitation and future work.

As a pre-requisite, it would help to know what ceph object gateway is and how it works (


Photo of Soumya Koduri Soumya Koduri