Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


How to build a free and open cloud

This talk will explore how we can bring open source collaboration to building and running cloud services. We present our vision of "Open Cloud Services" that provide the same openness and freedom to users and developers as open-source software. But running a cloud service requires resources so how can that be funded? An ideal solution would be simple, equitable and fair -- and not compromise the ethos of open source. We'll discuss our attempt at solving this puzzle, a funding mechanism we call cloud funding. Next, we'll introduce Unfurl, our DevOps tool for building reproducible, cloud-provider independent open cloud services and then look to future Web3 and decentralization technologies that make this possible -- specifically how blockchain-based decentralized data and remote attestation, transparent and reproducible open cloud services, and next-generation secure-computing cloud infrastructure all combine to provide the building blocks of a free and open cloud.


Photo of Adam Souzis Adam Souzis