Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


OpenTelemetry and CI/CD

If you would like to know more about measuring your CI/CD for troubleshooting or improving your CI/CD services this talk can be interesting for you.

CI/CD at large scale, even at small scale, is hard and might affect your team’s mood, frustration with slow builds, or flakiness in your CI/CD. By using OpenTelemetry for each execution, test, deployment that happens in your CI/CD you can answer questions that are not possible at a glance. The main aim is to reduce the time that developers spend checking log errors, pointing them to the root cause of errors. Filter real verifications errors related to the CI/CD service and third-party systems. Debugging an error is as easy as going to the trace related where all the context information is accessible. In this talk, we want to show you what we have done and learned in the last year since we switched to using distributed traces for the CI/CD and implemented some integrations that help us to leverage our CI/CD.


Photo of Victor Martinez Victor Martinez
Photo of Ivan Fernandez Calvo Ivan Fernandez Calvo