Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Unify your distributions

How GNU Guix can run on any of your hardware

Like most developers, I'm against my will a volunteer system administrator. I take care of my personal and professional notebooks. I also maintain a powerful build server at home and a remote VPS hosting my blog. From times to times I even use a single board computer to host some services.

A few years ago, all those machines ran different, dedicated Linux distributions: Ubuntu, ArchLinux, Debian, Raspbian, making the maintenance a nightmare. That was before diving into GNU Guix.

In this talk, I'll expose how GNU Guix, as an advanced package manager and Linux distribution can be advantageously used on any kind of machine from single board computers to VPS machines.

The declarative aspect of GNU Guix allows to have various operating system definitions inheriting from each other while the associate tooling such as "guix system" and "guix deploy" ease the deployment and upgrade tasks.


Mathieu Othacehe