Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Interoperability in the Continuous Delivery space with CDEvents

Continuous Delivery is all about getting your software released, and as software/system complexity continues to increase, so does the need to have many different tools, services and even people involved in building, verifying, deploying and monitoring your software. So, how do we make all these tools and services work together to complement each other without creating a massive spider web of explicit interconnectedness? CDEvents!

In this talk, Andrea Frittoli and Erik Sternerson will present the CDEvents project and protocol from the Continuous Delivery Foundation, describe how events in continuous delivery will help build a strong toolbox of CI/CD tools that can be used for delivery of different types of software projects, and showcase some integrations done by the community.

The number of tools and services supporting CI/CD keeps growing. Each tool has its own strengths and enables its own unique use cases. It is not one-size-fits-all, every project needs to be able to select CI/CD tools according to their own needs.

What CDEvents aims to do is to give these tools and services an obvious way to become interoperable through a shared event/messaging protocol, so that true end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines and processes with associated monitoring, metrics and insights can be built without the need for “manually gluing things together”.

Having the freedom to add and replace CI/CD tools and services without needing to worry about compatibility and interoperability issues will help projects keep their delivery processes optimized, and will also enable a new kind of visualization and monitoring tools that can inspect and understand all actors in the CI/CD system without explicitly knowing any of them.


Photo of Andrea Frittoli Andrea Frittoli
Photo of Erik Sternerson Erik Sternerson