Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Collabortive group self-awareness with Where, a Holochain app

A demo of how distributed ledger tech can up-regulate group capacity.

A playground for group self-awareness (awhereness?) on holochain

Groups, especially remote collaborative groups, often lack contextual information about collaborators that makes working together harder. Co-locating oneself across a number of spaces in the context of a group (or groups) provides an important avenue for improving both sense-making and working together. Where provides a generalized grammar for creating shared maps for groups to see the emergent "whereness" of each other, as well as the grammatics to self-evolve these spaces and how to represent "location" in them.

Read more in Eric's blog post about Where ( and explore the details in Where's github repo (


Photo of Eric Harris-Braun Eric Harris-Braun