Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Native Group VoIP and Metaverse on Matrix

Building the Matrix with Matrix

In this talk we'll explain how we've added native decentralized E2E encrypted group video calling to Matrix via MSC3401 (, and how this not only provides "decentralized Zoom" style functionality for Matrix, but can also be used as the voice, video and realtime gameplay backbone for building a genuinely decentralized, equitable, free and open piece of the Metaverse on top of Matrix.

We'll go over how 1 to 1 calls work in Matrix today, our Jitsi widget we've used for group calls so far, and the changes we've made to support native group calls in Matrix. We'll also show off some early concepts for our "Metaverse on Matrix" project, Third Room. Which uses this group call work as well as many other open standards to build a platform for virtual worlds on top of Matrix rooms.


Photo of Robert Long Robert Long