Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Developers Italia, four years later

In 2017, Italy launched a key initiative to improve public services by opening up the development of a handful of core technologies and allowing an open governance community to gather around public code. The effort resulted in the launch of two projects: Developers Italia and Designers Italia, which started a virtuous ecosystem involving administrations, businesses, and enthusiasts who want to improve public services and citizens' lives. Today, the two communities attract over 20.000 technical talents capable of contributing to their country's development and have created together hundreds of open source packages. We launched internationally at FOSDEM 2018, with the help of the Free Software community. We're returning four years later to provide updates, share lessons learned, and continue the conversation on how to make Italy the most hacker-friendly country in the world.


Photo of Riccardo Iaconelli Riccardo Iaconelli