Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Events for the Uninitiated

A Junior's Guide to Events in Matrix

Events are at the heart of the Matrix Protocol, but what are they? And how does the Protocol build on them to create rooms, room graphs, and other data structures? This talk aims to demystify some of these concepts, giving an overview of events, room event graphs, and associated structures. In the spirit of accessiblity, there will be an attempt to make the talk as approachable as possible for those without a ton of programming experience (although some basic knowledge will be helpful!). We will look at the Matrix specification and if time permits, may even dig into some code in Synapse. If you're interested in hacking on Matrix/Synapse but are newish to programming or intimidated by the core spec, or are just curious, this talk is for you!


H. Shay