Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Periskop: Exception Monitoring at Scale

A pull-based exception monitoring service inspired by Prometheus

This talk is aimed for engineers operating in distributed environments (or microservices) interested in monitoring exceptions at scale. We introduce the open source project "Periskop", a pull-based exception monitoring service built at SoundCloud and inspired by Prometheus.

  • What problems did we encounter with the traditional push-based model for exception monitoring.
    • Thundering herd issues with bad deployments
    • Difficulty navigating large volumes of logs for identifying exceptions
  • An alternative pull-based model that scales well with the number of exceptions and instances.
    • Aggregation + sampling for concrete occurrences
    • Limitations and trade-offs (short lived processes and fork-based application servers)
  • An implementation of such model into the open source project "Periskop"
    • Initial Development
    • Server and client-libraries
    • Newly added features and roadmap (push-gateway, federation, time series visualization, integrations)


Photo of Jorge Creixell Jorge Creixell
Photo of Marc Tuduri Marc Tuduri