Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


From tinyscheme to tr7

how to loose time for glory

I'm going to present a scheme R7RS compliant interpreter only named "TR7", a far successor of tinyscheme, meant to be included in other programs for scripting.

As I was searching a tiny scripting language for some project, I found tinyscheme. It is really venerable but old.

So I searched for a modern replacement in the existing one, browsing the very long list at

And you what? I have not found one matching my criteria: r7rs compatible, only C, light, easy to add in C programs.

So I started to modify tiny-scheme to fit my requirement.

Before work, at noon rest, late in the evening, ... A long effort still not achieved.

I'd like to get a short time slot to present it.


Photo of José Bollo José Bollo