Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Peergos - Combining peer-to-peer connectivity, end-to-end encryption and fine grained access control to build a secure and privacy focused self-certifying web protocol

Peergos gives users total control over their data. That means: Where it is, Who can see it, Who can't see it.

Used as a global file system, Peergos provides a private space where you can store, share and view your media and documents. Individual content can be shared outside peergos via secret links and whole static sites can be hosted via a gateway.

Used as an application platform, Peergos provides productivity tools like a calendar, todo/project boards and document viewer/editors. In the near future users will be able to add their own applications using the same secure application protocol.

Used as a communication platform, Peergos provides a social media feed, group chat and an email bridge.

Peergos is open source and self-hostable.

This talk with introduce Peergos. It will expand on the project's goals, its architecture and some of the technical details. It will provide a walkthrough of the current functionality and a sneak-peak of what the future may hold.


kevin o'dwyer