Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


OpenJFX: An Update on Java on the Client

JavaFX allows Java developers to create cross-platform user interfaces using their existing Java skills.

In this session, we give an update about the OpenJFX project where the core development of JavaFX is happening.

  • OpenJFX: development in the open. The specification and implementation is done in a very open, community-friendly approach on GitHub. Topics are discussed on a mailinglist, and issues can be created in the Java Bug System.

  • Cross Platform: the same Java code that is used to create a user interface on desktop (windows/mac/linux) works on mobile (android/ios) and embedded devices as well. This also allows for a convenient development cycle: development and debugging is typically done using the developers favorite platform and IDE, and the result will work on other systems as well.

  • Modern graphical stack: the low-level implementations are shielded from the high-level JavaFX API's. This allows JavaFX implementations to take advantage of modern hardware and drivers, and developers don't have to worry about these implementation details.


Johan Vos