Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Ansible + Matrix: Through The Looking Glass

A 6 month reflection on the Ansible Community's journey with Matrix

In August 2021, the Ansible community voted to accept Matrix as an official chat platform (alongside and equal to IRC). This marked a major evolution in the communication of the project, and opened the door to more ways for us to connect with each other. It also followed a substantial amount of planning from the community team, in terms of architecture we had in mind. In this talk, we'll take a look back over our original architecture & proposal, how the rollout has gone, and where we think we're going next.

There's much we could cover in this talk, but we'll definitely have content on the 2-homesever architecture we used (and why), on how adoption is going with our community (bridges will feature here, at least) and community building & promotion (expect armchair-sociology while I talk about rich interaction mediums, but also things like newsrooms, interaction fragmentation, etc). I'll also be attempting to gather some feedback from our community to present as well.

Who is this talk for: We hope it'll be of interest to anyone thinking of recommending Matrix for their community - whether a FOSS community, or more generally, there's things to think about first and arguments that can be re-used. There will also be interest for existing Matrix users too, in terms of lessons learned and wishlist features for the future.


Photo of Greg Sutcliffe Greg Sutcliffe